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Amatuercommunity com September 29 2014You can also choose to selectively disable the ringing feature on other devices if youd like to just opt a single device out.I dont see this option only an option to turn on or off.PietMarch 19 2015If its not on your iPhone go to FaceTime settings on your iPad activate FaceTime and then you get the option on the iPad to deselect calls made to your iPhone.Very strange procedure indeed.September 29 2014Thanks this was driving me crazy. My wife would get a call and my phone would ring Using the same Apple ID.BelgarancorvusSeptember 30 2014This is timely I just upgraded to a 5S from a 4S. I had already removed the SIM card turned off cellular and WiFi on the 4S but despite that both phones rang when I got a call. It seemed impossible so now I know why it happened. ThanksosxfrustratedOctober 1 2014Who thought this was a good feature First it was just iMessage that broadcasts the txt messages meant for just me but went to the kids too. Now phone calls that get broadcast to the kids iPads This is nuts as my kids do not need their own apple IDs for any reason.JdhOctober 17 2014I total

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Sex cam no private chat login or Crambler1790SHARESRecently Updated This article was just recently updated with new information on March 12 2018 after the release of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9. Want to skip the intro 10 reasons why an Android phone is better than an iPhoneRecently there have been releasesannouncements of the iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy S9S9 Google Pixel 2 LG G6 HTC 10 and many other phones. Each release of a phone is like a single Mentos being dropped into a 2liter of Coke a new explosion of debate that overwhelms the social network about who has the best phone. Android No iOS Galaxy S9 No iPhone X The debate goes on and on. Are Android phones or iPhones better Read on to find out why an Android phone is better than an iPhone.Before I get into the nittygritty I want to say this. I am not an Apple hater and never have been. I currently own an Android phone a Galaxy S7 Edge I have a Windows based desktop at both work and home I own a Macbook Pro a Windows laptop and I have an iPad Pro at work. I prefer to coexist when it comes to all the operating systems and devices out there and I use what fits my needs as everyone should. So before any iFans come in here looking to heckle this article please dont. I love my Macbook Pro and the iPad I use at work. I just believe that an Android phone is bette

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